Branded App

RezExpert Campground Reservation & Property Management Software eGuest Connect Branded App

Mobile Apps are a must for every modern business. Vying for much sought after real-estate on a guest’s Phone cannot be underestimated. If you can incentivize a traveler enough to download your resort App then you have an uninterrupted marketing channel to that guest. The traveler is entrusting you to provide them with pertinent information and value, confirming that your business is an important App on their phone.

The RezExpert eGuestConnect App is a fully branded App for your resort or resort network for a fraction of the cost of an App of this nature would usually cost. The App is full of resort

specific information, advanced features such as geo-targeting, special coupons and much more. Ideal for first time visitors or seasoned travelers to your resort. Stay in touch and keep your eGuest up to date with the latest news and offers.

Create a loyal guest by offering incentives, deals and even competitions through your new resort App.

Also included with the specially branded App is a unique login where your eGuest can check into their online resort account - inside your resort App.